Caroline Bartlett


Caroline Bartlett Biography

The Caroline Bartlett Collection of fine jewelry includes her trademark “Toursades” which are necklaces containing multiple strands of high-quality genuine pearls and/or gemstones with gold or silver beads. Included also are long strands of pearls from which may be suspended hand-carved medallions or gemstone pendants, along with multi-strand bracelets for the wrist or ankle, earrings and rings.

She uses the finest materials, including Tahitian and South Sea pearls and Chinese freshwater pearls mixed with gold, platinum or antique sterling silver and highlighted with a variety of gemstones. Her designs are especially created for people who love fine jewelry and want the same feeling of luxury and quality while traveling on business or pleasure… ready for anything!

Caroline’s design shows are held in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, as well as in Beverly Hills, California, where she collaborates with her partner, Michelle Laurenti, a well-known and highly respected jewelry designer. Caroline’s work has been sold to retail stores in the US and Mexico, and she has many clients in the jewelry and entertainment industries.