D. J. Lafon

Blog: Leonardo's Brain

May 7, 2020 - Joy Reed Belt

While searching my home library this past week for something to read that had the perfect blend of escapism, wisdom, and emotion, I came across a book I purchased a few years ago, but had not yet read, "Leonardo's Brain" by Leonard Shlain, a famed author and surgeon. I took Leonardo downstairs, curled up in my favorite and most comfortable chair and started to read about something we are all learning, that in order to truly live and function in contemporary society we must train both our right and left brain to coexist.

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Blog: Life is What Happens Before We Die

April 8, 2020 - Joy Reed Belt

Never in our lifetime, have we seen or heard so much news of illness and death. To me, the most startling realization is that thousands of people are dying without the comfort of their families and without their lives being properly honored...