Grace Grothaus


Grace Grothaus Biography

Grothaus is a transdisciplinary artist interested in holding space for future-facing reflection regarding human agency enacted through the constructed world. Through her research driven installations, sculptures, photographs, videos and performances, she explores the complex web of ideas relating to the pressing ecological crisis of biodiversity loss resulting from climate change. She hopes to address questions such as how can we reshape our relationships with each other and collectively awaken to a role of intra and inter-species respect, mutualism, and stewardship? Grothaus interrogates both the troubled present through projects such as The Promise of Progress, Rise, and Against our Better Nature and speculative futures with projects such as Symbiocities and Sunlit.

Previously Grothaus’ artworks have been exhibited and/or collected on five continents including in the International Symposium of Electronic Art (2018) and the World Creativity Biennale (2012). Notable public artworks include Trace, a large-scale work using LED pavers produced for the city of Tulsa (2016). Grothaus earned a BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute and is currently nearing completion of an MFA at the University of California, San Diego, where she resides with her partner, dog, and numerous plants.