Laura Nugent


Laura Nugent Biography

Laura Nugent creates nonrepresentational, painterly works that focus on color harmonies and geometrical design. Her method of layering paint, with both transparent washes and thick, dripping coats, creates depth and embraces the unpredictable qualities of material. While working on each piece, Laura assigns the meaning of pattern and color to more narrative elements. They become aerial-view landscapes, ags, tapestries, tributes to ordinary objects. Laura says her goal as painter is to “take small moments and make them spectacular.” Laura is a full time artist who has been living and working in the Kansas City area since 2004. After earning a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, she traveled the country, exhibiting in juried art festivals and galleries. Laura has won awards for her painting, including Best Emerging Artist and Best of Show at the Paseo Arts Festival. Her work is included in collections around the US, including The Four Seasons and Grand Hyatt Hotels.