Marjorie Atwood


Marjorie Atwood Biography

Beauty in art is what attracts us. Tension is what hooks and holds us. I find tension when I juxtapose smooth, polished elements with corroded, distressed ones, the rusting iron beside the gleaming silver leaf.

I create my work in series. For each show, I take a theme or an experience and explore its unfolding on canvas.  I follow the patterns, color, and texture that beckon to me, obeying and sharing their call for an emotional response.

I have always been fascinated by the technical aspects of different art media. Each of my exhibitions probes work methods and materials, combining them on board and on canvas.  Often, this process takes me places I could never have planned.  An uncharted journey of technique lies behind the creation of each of my paintings.

I am a contemporary artist who has been painting and exhibiting her work for the past 20 years.  After graduating from Holland Hall high school in Tulsa, I moved to New York where I earned a bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College while also studying at Parson’s School of Design.