Mark Edward Harris


Mark Edward Harris Biography

After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with a Master of Arts Degree in Pictorial/Documentary History, Mark Edward Harris started his professional photography career doing the stills for the Merv Griffin Show and various television and movie companies.  When the show ended in 1986 he set off on a four-month trek across the Pacific and throughout Southeast Asia, China and Japan.   The images created on that trip brought attention to his travel/documentary photography.  He since has visited and photographed in over sixty countries. 

Harris’ editorial work has appeared in  publications including Life,  Stern, Vogue, Elle,  People,  American Photo,  The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times,  Angeleno, Westways,  The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine   as well as  many in-flight magazines.   His commercial clients range from The Gap for his fashion photography to cruise lines and airlines for his travel photography.

Harris is the recipient of numerous awards including a CLIO Award and an Aurora Gold Award for his photographic work and an Ace Award for directing and producing a video for television.  His first solo exhibition was held at the Nikon Salon in Japan in 1992.

Harris’ award-winning books “Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work,” “The Way of the Japanese Bath,” “Wanderlust,” “Inside North Korea” and “Inside Iran” have all resulted in touring exhibitions. Harris has conducted magazine and book interviews with hundreds of the greatest lensmen and lenswomen of all time from Alfred Eisenstaedt to Helmut Newton to Annie Leibovitz.