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Oklahoma City artist, Janice Mathews-Gordon states her newest paintings are an expression of her daily streams of thought. “Composed of shapes in colorful formations, this series reflects a myriad of longings and recollections, but also unexpected joys and challenges I experience from day to day. As a result, a full, but unpredictable life unfolds. At its heart then, this exhibition strives to understand what it means to be human. Perhaps you’ll see a glimpse of your own life in one of my paintings.”

Using the sketch much as a map, Janice builds the composition on the canvas, first blocking out the shapes with acrylic paint in simple dark and light forms. From there, she applies layer upon layer of paint creating areas of nuanced color and visual intrigue. Mid-way through the process, she will add collage and textural points-of-interest: bits of painted, printed or corrugated papers, even fabric pieces torn from a discarded shirt. As the piece progresses, she strives to preserve the energy and integrity of the initial ink sketch. At intervals, she applies velvety charcoal lines, leaving some well-defined and smudging others. These luscious lines thread throughout each piece enhancing detail and movement, but also emphasizing the structure and unifying the work as a whole.


Jul 1 – Jul 31, 2016