Aidan Danels


Aidan Danels Biography

Aidan Danels is an explorative artist who experiments with a wide variety of materials and mediums. Scarce access to high-end materials and the emergence of digital art have molded Aidan to be willing to try anything she can create with. Aidan is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where she has created the majority of her work. She is inspired by interesting people, crowded environments, the intensity of college, and most of all, her internal struggles with mental illnesses. Aidan uses the energy from everything around and within her to maintain the drive to make art. Aidan has experience in assisting other artists put together and plan exhibitions as well as displaying her own art in shows across states including Oklahoma, New York, and Virginia. She has shown illustrations at Longwood University, photography at the Devon Boathouse, collaborated with artist Denise Duong for Tulsa First Friday, and more.