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Brad Stevens News: Sometimes It's the Small Things, February  4, 2021 - By Joy Reed Belt

Sometimes It's the Small Things

February 4, 2021 - By Joy Reed Belt

The most important fact I can remember learning in a sociology class decades ago was that the act of becoming “change skilled” is critical to survival. The study of history and evolution certainly reinforces that thought. Horrible things have happened to civilizations since the beginning of time. But people got through them usually with the support, help, and love of other people. During the last twelve months we have been called upon to rise to yet another survival challenge. This time it’s somewhat different because to be safe we must do it without the physical comfort of others and without participating in our usual supportive activities. Also, because we live in the age of technology we are bombarded with polarizing statistics, images, and commentaries 24/7. There doesn’t seem to be a respite from bad news. The stress is cumulative.

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