Elizabeth Hahn


Elizabeth Hahn Biography

Bio - 

Elizabeth Hahn has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 33 years, art has been her life pursuit as she has been an artist, a gallerist, an art restorer, and a teacher. Hahn received her Bachelor of Arts Degree at The Oklahoma City University and her Masters of Art in Design at the University of Oklahoma. She was director of Arts Place II, 1983-88, which was a gallery and event center that held the location which is now Oklahoma City Museum of Art. In 1988 Hahn was recruited to be director at Edgar - Young Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has resided and worked on or near Canyon Road ever since, most notably as co-owner of Hahn Ross Gallery from 1995-2013. When the Hahn Ross Gallery was sold in 2014 and became the Pippin Gallery, Hahn was then invited to remain as an artist at the gallery. Unfortunately the gallery closed shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Her work has been shown in many gallerias and museums across the U.S. for the past 45 years such as Arizona, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Artist Statement - 

"This exhibit comprises 16 acrylic paintings that were done right before or during the Covid 19 Pandemic, I hope this isn't too obvious. They are about women's unlikely adventures and imagined travels.
I paint my fingers from the neck down. My objective is for viewers to project themselves into the painting and thereby try to solve the mystery of place, time, and situation. The direction of light and shadow, the swirl of skirts, the idealized architecture, as well as the colors and patterns, all provide hints to solving the mystery of each.
Let's celebrate the trip." - Elizabeth Hahn