Shevaun Williams


Shevaun Williams Biography

Shevaun Williams’ love for photography began when she unwrapped the Kodak Instamatic 104 at her 12th birthday party and started snapping images of her twin sister along with their giggling guests in their rainbow lounge pajamas. However, it was a college summer session in Paris and the south of France studying modern languages and sporting a borrowed 35mm camera that crystallized Williams affair with travel and the camera. “I loved the fresh perspectives gained through the lens. My craving for this combination is ineffable.” She continued this new path as custom color printer and photo assistant for Creative Resources Corporation. Williams discovered her eye for color and honed the technical side of her craft. After over 45 years' experience in commercial and fne art photography, she has developed a signature style. Williams’ narratives produce timeless images from unique points of view through innovative compositions and interesting textures and light. Following decades of communicating through image making, she continues to be inspired by the art of photography.