Tanner Muse


Tanner Muse Biography

Tanner Muse was born and raised in Oklahoma City. He attended Yukon High School and earned a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Literature at Oklahoma State University. Tanner has been interested in art for as long as he can remember and began drawing graphite portraits at a very young age. It wasn't until his mid 20s, however, that he began to experiment with what is now his preferred medium, acrylic paint. Tanner describes his style as western contemporary; he draws inspiration from Americana artists such as Grant Wood, as well as minimalistic artists like Donald Judd. With fond memories of visiting The Oklahoma City Museum of Art as a kid, Tanner has always cherished the artistic and creative environment that he was exposed to growing up in Oklahoma City. Outside of painting Tanner enjoys traveling, visiting art galleries, hanging out in the Paseo District with friends, and reading Hemingway novels. He currently lives in the Western Avenue District in OKC with his dog Rothko.